IT Services

The management team here at Care Telecom have worked in the care, insurance, IT and telecom industries for many years, our combined relevant experience is well in excess of  70 years. We have the unique working knowledge and experience in joining up the operation and risk management with telecom, security and IT. Some of the service we can provide include the following.

  • Applications and software development – We can identify, source and implement the best application systems to meet your business objectives, whether it is an off the shelve product which may required local customisation or bespoke software development. We have strategic partnership with a number of solution providers in the care sector to meet your business needs.
  • Complete IT Management – It is not cost effective for the majority of care homes to employ in-house IT management, we can take over this responsibility and work independently with your management team and outsourced partners. We can also provide flexible and focused IT support to meet your IT needs.
  • IT, Risk and Operation Consultancy – We have an experienced team who truly understands the relationship between technologies, risks and operation efficiency in the care sector and can deliverer added values to your business.
  • IT Infrastructure and Security – An efficient network has to be matched by robustness and adequate security, this is of utmost importance when the current Data Protection Act 1998 being replaced by the General Protection Data Regulations from 25th May 2018.
  • Risk Assessment – We will review all aspects of your operation and processes to help you minimise risks and to implement best practices in line with CQC (or appropriate regulators) guidelines.